Elisha Bell

28 August 2022
2 years ago
From start to finish my baby shower was well organised. I had given a few little bits that I wanted to be included and the rest of the set up was all put togeth...
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What does a wedding planner do and why do I need one?

What is a wedding planner? Let me explain...She can be your new best friend, someone you can trust with your big day, your cheerleader and fairy godmother. She will help you plan and put together your vision with you, no need to worry if you get …

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What does a wedding planner do on the day of your wedding?

She is there to oversee every detail from co-ordinating suppliers to suppling tissues to dry tears. Also creating an on the day wedding plan and communicate with suppliers on your behalf 4 - 6 weeks prior. We will bring our wedding emergency …

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What is a “dry hire” wedding

I bet many couples have come across this term when viewing venues. Unsure what it means, let me ease your mind. The term ”dry hire” means that you are hiring just the venue space itself. This means that you will need to hire tables, chairs, …

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